• Jeff Ku

Experience: Oddjob {SOMA}

Setting: Dim, Cozy, and Eccentric. A bit of a Burner feel with random oddities sprinkled throughout the bar. The counter is a glass top that sits above a metal roller conveyor belt, much like one that you'd find in a warehouse. Each booth is colorfully lit by mini planetarium light fixtures. There is an interesting Rube Goldberg-esque antique contraption that looks like it would make a cocktail automatically at the flip of the switch off to the side.

Uniqueness: What makes Oddjob truly unique to any other bar that I've ever been to, is their annex concept bar, SRO, which stands for Standing Room Only. No menu. Every drink is unique, every time.

The experience may vary slightly between on the small handful of bartenders that rotate here, but the general concept is the same. Your cocktail is made based on a story or photos that you share with the bartender. I heard one instance where a customer told the bartender about an experience she had the previous weekend where she had cliff dived into the ocean water. The end result was an earthy, cacao cocktail with espresso to represent the cliff that she had jump off served up in a separate flat bowl was something quite unexpected---- No alcohol, but a mixture of something that resembled salt water!

If you're looking for a different experience, I would definitely give this place a shot. Check out their menu and leave a review in the Unpause App when you stop by! Cheers~

Great For: A low pressure, out-of-the-box thinking date. Show your boyfriend/girlfriend to-be that you aren't just another cookie-cutter guy/gal and that you know the hole-in-the-wall spots.

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