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Saving wallets one cocktail at a time.

Cocktails are a craft, an art, and can be damn pleasing to the senses. But let's face it.. they aren't cheap. We all remember those time(s) where what we had hoped for didn't match with reality and $14+tip later we wished we had gone with the other cocktail. 


We're on a quest to help fellow drinkers take the gambling out picking the right drink for them at every bar. 


You're a cocktail connoisseur. You're that one friend that has to dissect that first sip into each and every one of its ingredients and proceeds to translate how each has touched your 5 senses. Your friends might not want to hear it, but WE DO! 


With your help, we review all the cocktails this city has to offer. You receive one free cocktail on us each week to give your best dang review to help others steer clear or steer towards it. Easy!


Best of all, you'll be the pioneers to an evolution of one of the world's oldest and most cherished past times! 



1 Cocktail for 1 Review, it's that easy.

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Please note: This program is only for individuals ages 21 and up. We will verify during final review.